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(Lice Removal without stress and hours in a bathtub.)

I'm Camille Merian, the founder of Close Nit Lice Removal, South Shore’s Most Trusted & Referred Lice Removal Service. Proudly Recommended By School Nurses & Pediatricians.

We're a private lice removal salon located on Route 53 in Norwell proudly de-lousing the best people in the world. Lice is a no shame game - and in fact, if you get it, it means you are close to family and friends. If you're here, I'm here to help.

We're proudly insured and professionally certified in the Shepherd Method.


Our goal is to help get your child back on the bus the next day.

Close Nit Lice Removal is a close nit team of professional moms, nurses, and medical assistants who have dealt with lice in their own families and love helping others end the lice chaos.

After treating her own family's head lice, Camille received many frantic phone calls from friends desperate for help. She realized that it would have been incredibly comforting to have had someone who was knowledgable, patient, and kind. Having personally experienced the feeling of panic that ensues when you receive the "lice call" from school, it is with great happiness to be able to help families reduce their stress and get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible.

Camille has trained with the world’s top lice experts and utilizes all non-toxic, pesticide free products with manual lice / nit removal. Close Nit Lice Removal services typically take 2 hours per person depending on the length and thickness of hair and severity of infestation.

We understand how head lice evolve over time (they truly do!) as well as which products are needed to prevent the adult louse transfer and how to successfully remove an infestation. Complimentary to every treatment, families learn how to perform a thorough and proper head check for future needs. We work closely with our families to provide education on the prevention of head lice and the importance of becoming proactive. Education is Empowerment!

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From My Clients

"Thank you all SO much for helping us when we had our lice crisis! You were amazing with our daughter and we could not have survived without you. We will always be grateful!"

— Mom from Hingham, MA

About Close Nit Lice Removal

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